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Rian Ambrose

... designer by day, fag hag by night

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Name:Rian Ambrose
Birthdate:May 16
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:[ PSL ] Dream Like New York
Rian Ambrose

Designer | Fashionista | Fag Hag | Best Friend | Cancer Survivor

“Fashion fades, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent

Rian Ambrose was born in Paris to French dressmaker, Georgette Laurent, and English photographer, Martin Ambrose. She is an only child, and with both of her parents dabbling in the fashion realms over the years, Rian's dream to become a fashion designer was a sealed deal from a young age. However, it didn't seem to be an inevitable conclusion. The London fashion world was a tough nut to crack, and after studying fashion design at university, Rian hit a brick wall and found it difficult to get a break. Instead, she ended up taking a job as a secretary at the University of London to make ends meet, but hated every minute of the job. It was here that she met young ambitious and upcoming university professsor-to-be, Joseph Bond. He was there to submit an application for a teaching position, fresh out of college himself, and after copping an earful of bitching from Rian about how crap her job was, the pair went out for a drink and the rest was history. It was a match made in fag hag heaven. Joe was as gay as they came, and Rian had no interest in settling down with blokes any time soon. They became inseparable, and to this day are still friends despite distance, with Rian always willing to step in and slap Joe in line about not only his love life, but everything else, too. She is a typical strong and ambitious woman, not afraid to speak her mind. It was why she often wondered what was making her settle in a job that she hated.

However, just after her twenty-fifth birthday, on holiday in Spain, Rian found a lump in her breast when she was changing into her bikini. Returning to London with an icy fear in her stomach, she was soon diagnosed with breast cancer that led to long months of chemotherapy and a mastectomy of her right breast. Being so young, she followed advice and had reconstructive surgery with an implant. It helped to cope with her loss and illness, but with a sheer determination to fight it and survive, she beat breast cancer and went into remission.

After her illness, Rian decided she had wasted too much of her life just settling. Her dream of becoming a recognised fashion designer returned with full-force, and with the strong fight behind her, along with support from her parents and friends, Rian succeeded, and now is not only one of London's top exclusive and recognised fashion designers, she owns her own clothing label - Ambrosiare - that was founded in London and now based in New York, where Rian ended up moving to keep hold of the reigns of her company. Her label is the largest percentage of her profits, her designs elegant and tasteful, aimed at the 20-30 year old professionals, with both work and social lines part of her collection, however, she also still designs exclusive pieces for rich socialites and celebrities internationally, however, she now has the luxury of being choosy about who her personal clients are.

Rian is bright and friendly person, with an extremely cheeky sense of humour. Most of her friends are gay guys, with a small select few of close female friends. One of her best friends in the entire world is Aiden Lewis, her PR genius, whom she hit it off with from the minute she met him upon moving to New York. She adores him, and couldn't live without him, yet again Rian managing to attract gay guys as her closet confidantes without managing to find a love of her own. Whilst keeping up with her post-cancer healthcare appointments, Rian met another guy who came to be one of her closest friends, much to her own surprise. Flynn Marcus Hunter, a fellow cancer survivor and upper class escort and part-time stripper had an amazing story to tell of his own. Quite the hushed reputation in the New York socialite circles for being the escort of choice, Rian hit it off with him immediately and they had an occasional friends-with-benefits arrangement when Rian needed some stress relief. She doesn't trust easily and she doesn't suffer fools, very much speaks her mind if necessary. However after her cancer ordeal, she has a more open-minded outlook on life, and realised that she can more than survive life on her own without the need to bow to societies expectations of a husband and two point five kids.


Rian is an original character created as part of the [community profile] dreamlikenewyork universe. She comes as best friend to Aiden Lewis, who, much to Rian's obliviousness, is about to play matchmaker for her and his other best friend, Ferdinand Woods.


This is an roleplay journal for character Riam Ambrose. She is an original character with no fandom affiliation. All rights and written entries by [personal profile] eternalstyle are original work and owned by her creator. No profit is being made from the activities in this journal. Journal and character are for roleplay and enjoyment purposes only. Rian is portrayed by actress Jennifer Connelly, and is in no way affiliated to Jennifer Connelly.

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